About Us

In 2008, I started Newton's Paws, the idea I had was to create printed tees and accessories with "pet thoughts". Basically a concept to share what a dog's happy thoughts like "I wag for walks".  The concept is still in the works however I never did anything with Newton's Paws. 

It was after losing my two dogs Newton (2012) and Einstein (2017), I decided to name my dog brand, Paw Theory

I am not exactly sure what caused their illnesses so I decided that I would introduce dogs in my life and my community to a healthy lifestyle. 

I am a Dog Mom with 10 years of pet sitting and dog walking experience.  And it is my lifetime goal to continuously look for healthy eats and playtime activities that will keep your dog(s) living longer.   

Woof! Woof!


Words from the Founders

Dogs are part of my family. Having a pup in my family brings "PAWSITIVE"  thoughts, love and joy. Being a responsible Dog Mom, I only want the best for my fur-babyI want to give and do the same for other doggies in my community. I want to do this by providing the best care through healthy eats, playful activities and "PAWSITIVE" attention.”


"I miss my brother, Einstein, and I want to make a difference for other dogs. I support what my human mom is doing for me and for other doggies like me.  She not only rescued me, she walks me and plays with me everyday. I "RUV" my Mom! Woof!"