About Paw Theory

"Make pets the nucleus of a healthy life." #petsmatter

Observation:  Dogs and Cats communicate with body language and facial expressions; basically learning by association.

Problem: How do Dogs and Cats communicate with Pet Owners?

Research: Dog training books, raising Cats books, learning body language, behavioral observations and action by association

Hypothesis: After studying Dog and Cat behavior, then Pet Owners should associate Dog and Cat actions with thoughts.

Experiment: To cleverly come up with an idea for Dogs and Cats to express actions with written thoughts or ponder that thought. What could that be?

Data: In 2016, market research shows that pet supply spending was $15 Billion and climbing in 2017.  Pet supplies include: beds, collars, leashes, toys, litter, bedding, food and water bowls, clothing and other accessories. Basically, studies show that Millennials and Boomers share the largest population and spent $3.7 Billion on pet supplies online in 2014 (expected rate of growth 15-20% annually).

Conclusion "Theory":  In 2008 Newton's Paws started as an idea to create printed fashion and accessories that would get people talking. The idea was to print "pet thoughts" unto clothes and accessories. The question was what would the conversational theme be? After losing my two physicist named dogs, Newton (2012) and Einstein (2017), the theme came together. Einstein and Newton had many theories.  Therefore, it only made sense to name the brand Paw Theory. 

In 2017 Paw Theory was created. The brand will take intellectual thought, we at Paw Theory call "pet thoughts", and print it on pet supplies. We want to use "pet thoughts" to generate a interactive community and begin a clever conversation. 

Additionally, the Paw Theory brand was derived from pet rescue pups and we at Paw Theory will use a portion of our proceeds to purchase food and supplies for pet rescue organizations. Our goal is raise $200,000 by 2020. It our mission to get there one purchase at a time.

Currently, Paw Theory is working on partnership opportunities with pet rescue organizations in Dallas, San Francisco, New York and Phoenix.

We Donate Supplies to Pet Rescues ONE SALE at a TIME...

Our Goal is $200,000 by 2020

We are Building our Charity Community ONE City at a Time. By 2018, we will be donating to these cities: Austin, San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles and Phoenix

Does Your Pet Rescue need Supplies? Contact us: