Your Pet Can Determine Your Personality

Your Pet Can Determine Your Personality

Did you know that your choice of pet can determine your personality? Yes! Your eyes are reading the correct piece. People are drawn to choose a pet based on their lifestyle choices, personality and what they look for in their life. Yes, by analyzing if you are a cat person or dog person or any other choice of pets you have, you can get to know your reflection easily.

Types of people with their respective choice of pet:

  1. Dog People- In U.S people choose a woof- woof to join them to social outings and a reason to talk to strangers. A study conducted by the University of Texas found that the people who define themselves as dog people tend to be more extrovert, more agreeable and more conscientious than cat people. It was even found that dog people tend to be “the most fun to be around,” when compared to all other people with pets. Seeing the number of dogs and their parents out at the beach, surfing, hiking, and walking around town, we can understand this deduction.
  2. Cat People- The owners of meow- meow are found to be the most dependable and emotionally sensitive people. These feline fanatics are the good listeners everyone is looking for in a friend. "Cat people" were generally about 12 percent more neurotic and 11 percent more open than the dog folks. However, with every positive there also comes a negative; cat owners have a higher rate of neuroticy and anxiety. Cat people also have lacking social control and more introversion than any pet person, obviously preferring the nature of themselves to others. Oddly enough, while cat owners have the largest anxiety rates, they are more likely to break rules than dog people.
  3. Bird People- Similar to their flighty, fluttering friends, bird owners are very loud and outgoing, conveying their emotions more than other parents. Bird owners also tend to think of themselves as “polite and caring”, and are the most socially presiding in a group event, with the highest belonging to women who own birds. However, with all the rights, there is also a fault – bird parents have an increased chance of being unemployed. Female bird parents in particular, are high in dominance. There is no evidence that bird people are flighty, so join the club!
  4. Reptile Person- Reptile owners are the most independent of all the pet parents, meaning they can be alone for extended periods of time without human interaction. However, they scored lowest in humor categories and act as some of the most eccentric in the pet world. Turtle parents, much like their studious pet, tend to be hardworking and reliable for friends to count on. Snake owners are the most chill and spontaneous of all the reptile parents, and enjoy materialistic stimulation.
  5. Fish Person- As opposed to snake parents, fish owners actually prefer human company to product satisfaction, as they are not materialistic. Fish parents also have the most upbeat and cheerful personalities and love to laugh and be comical. To go with their jovial personalities, fish owners are also very optimistic and are always looking for the best in situations.

    People are drawn to pets that fit in with their lifestyle, personality, and what they want in their lives. Out going and energetic people are going to select an animal that is ready for this type of daily activity to join them. A dog, especially a larger dog, seems like the obvious answer. People who love to stay home and read a good book are going to choose an animal that will love to do the same. They will typically gravitate towards a small dog, a cat, or some other less-energetic animal.

    Subconsciously, people are often going to choose an animal that they feel displays a message to the rest of the world. Many of the findings of the studies mentioned above also reveled significant similarities between the personalities of guardians and their pets. These similarities even increased over time, indicating that guardians and their pets grow even more to fit one another’s needs and personalities. A person’s pet is a member of their family and a reflection of themselves. It only makes sense you’ll make sure to find the most compatible rescue animal out there to be your lifelong companion.

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