How well do you know your best friend?

How well do you know your best friend?

Woof Woof!

Hi! I'm Picasso!

I'm here to tell you a little more about us, your best friends!

Let me begin with some secrets I bet you don’t know about us

  • You think my tail wagging is always an invitation for you to pet me more?
  • Not exactly! I wag my tail slightly to the right when I see something that I like and when I wag to left than I am confronted with something I want to back away from.
  • Grooming day means you bring out blow dryers... Please don’t!

To make dogs like me look fluffy, shake a little corn starch into the base of our fur and then brush gently. It will absorb my oil and grease and also detangle matted fur.

  • I am a creature of habit. Even a subtle change in my behavior means there’s something wrong with me. Woof!! I might be sick. 
  • Please take me out for a fresh air every day. Oh! I love to ponder around and see our neighborhood.
  • Introduce me to one and all that you mingle with so that I am not afraid of the strangers.
  • I know you think it's cute when I am scratching my butt...I know you do! I see you! But what that really means, is I'll need to see a vet soon.
  • I don’t need to be shaved like humans please... Woof! No matter how high the mercury raises my undercoat insulated me from heat and that keeps me cool.
  • Don’t wait months to train me. I respond better right away.

With that said, time to say goodbye. But first, I bet you didn't know I could rhyme!

Well I can't. But I try!

You feed me when I am hungry
You give me lots of treats
Oh yummy! I like to try new eats
You touch my paws and pet my head
I love the way you keep me fed
I use my paw to scratch my jaw
Oops!! I get irritated when I see the crow caw
I love going with you to the park
So many new territories to mark
I love to cuddle with you on the bed
Although sometimes my fur might shed
I am self-obsessed and like to grrrr
And I like when you brush my fur
So, let's build memories galore
I'll take your worries away and more

- Picasso Salazar


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  • Patricia Salazar
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