How To Keep Your Dog Safe in Summer

How To Keep Your Dog Safe in Summer

The most important advice we can give to pet owners is to never leave your pet in the car, especially during the summer. Even when it doesn’t seem that hot outside, and even with the windows cracked, temperatures can rise to dangerous levels in a matter of minutes.

Aside from this primary car-related summer danger, pet owners should also know how to keep their pets safe when the vehicle is in motion on summer road trips and other joyrides.

If your pet is traveling with you in a truck, it’s safe to say that you should never let them ride loose in the truck bed. Instead, put them in a kennel that is secured to the vehicle.

Even inside the vehicle, it’s ideal to secure your pet to prevent them from hurting themselves or causing too much distraction while you are driving. Also, as fun as it is to see a dog taking in the sights and smells with his tongue flapping in the wind, it’s best not to let your pet stick his or her head out the window. This could cause irritation to the eyes, or even an injury from rocks or other objects that may kick up into your pet’s face while driving.

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