Paw Theory's 5 Dog Safety Halloween Tips

Paw Theory's 5 Dog Safety Halloween Tips
Treats not Tricks
Keep Chocolate away and safe from Your Dog. Because Children's buckets, baskets will be reachable make sure your pup is not sniffing too close for those chocolates. Keep a close eye and share chocolate among humans. Give Your Dog something yummy to eat like peanut butter and pumpkin treats.
Comfort before Cute
Before ordering a Halloween costume, try on a toddler shirt and add cardboard attachments. If your pup does not show any signs of anxiety, then go for it. Buy a Cute Costume!  Okay, but first make sure their is enough wiggle room or mobility. Alternatively, feel free to get an LED collar and Halloween Pumpkin Tee.
ID Please
Before getting too excited about parading Halloween on Facebook Live with Your Pup, make sure to have proof of ID. Yes, we may have our fur-baby chipped but it is always a good tip to have a physical form of ID at all times. 
Be aware of the Jack-O-Lantern
Perhaps there are some residents that still follow old tradition of natural pumpkins with candles, oh yes the jack-o-lantern.  Make sure your dog stays clear from jack-o-lanterns, especially when their tail wags and might accidentally knock over the pumpkin. Be also weary of spooky lawn decorations that can spook your dog on Halloween.
Ding, Dong...Treat or Treat
Yes, dog parents like us like dog greetings. Sometimes our little visitors on Halloween night may not.  Let's keep our dogs on a leash or barricaded from the front door when greeting our little costume strangers on Halloween night.

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